Sunday, July 7, 2013

Promote Your Blog

I have always said that a blog IS a website. If you can't afford a website, promote your blog. I will give you three reasons why promoting your blog is JUST as effective as promoting a website, affiliate splash page or list building squeeze page.

1. A Blogger account is free and already connected to your Gmail account, the encouraged type of email service for internet marketers. It also is socially integrated, so that when other marketers follow it, they will see your updates whenever they log into their Gmail account.

2. You can use your blog as your one link to promote all your preferred marketing resources; and seeing how content is king, the best way to do that is to write articles about those resources. Also every time you write a new article, your followers receive your update.

3. You can also paste the code to your auto-responder on your blog, thus making it an instant squeeze page. So whether people follow you on Google, subscribe to your atom feed or join your list, they are being kept fully abreast of what YOU want them to know.

When you have a reason to post and create content on the web, you begin to become a bit more unique. You also find your niche and have a lot more to say about it. This is exciting! The fact is the simplest ways to build a business online are sitting right in front of us. If we'd stop listening to so many different voices and pay attention, we'd see ...this is the way the gurus are doing it now.

Simplifying online business is KEY. The one link concept is truly fulfilled in using a free blog to promote yourself and your marketing resources. Unless you promote your resources, you cannot promote yourself. A blog is an efficient way to promote your marketing campaigns. After you do that, you can finally begin to promote yourself and your product. 

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