Thursday, June 27, 2013


This brand new PTC created by TimTech gives validity to the use of PTC's. Paid To Click REALLY works, but you need to build a downline in them to REALLY make money. This new site is fresh off the press! I plan on getting started building right away and you should too. NerdBux is hot and looks like it's going to be HOTTT, so I think everybody should join as soon as they can and start making cash. Share your NerdBux affiliate link in TE's and on your blog to get as much exposure as possible. The reason I love this PTC is because it was created by some of the most successful internet marketers on the world wide web. If paid to click doesn't work, then why did Tim Linden create a ptc? I think this will spur a new interest in paid to click, simply because he created it.

Paid to click is fun, but I can only imagine how fun NerdBux will be. TimTech always makes it fun, so we can't go wrong. I really enjoy surfing myself and don't take a lot of joy in NOT surfing. NerdBux is awesome because we find advertisers promoting TE's, TAE's and safelists. The wall between TE and PTC is gone. I wanna get in there and promote my BrandMeTool and all the most popular TE's. PTC's can be used to make extra money to build your business, whether you're in traffic generation, auto responders, sem or whatever information technology may be your specialty. Extra cash from a good ptc can be helpful in funding your marketing campaigns. And Nerdbux is about to get huge!!!

There are always reasons why we should promote a particular product, service or website. But the dozens of reasons why so many want you to promote their sites are far out weighed by the one reason you should promote this site. TimTech is a ridiculously successful group and anything they promote seems to succeed. I've been stading by watching them succeed for years; I'm not missing this opportunity. So make a blog, get your rotators fired up and start promoting NerdBux today.

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