Monday, July 8, 2013

New Brand Me Tool

The new Brand Me Tool is awesome! I'm excited about this new branding tool, because I have never seen such technology made so simple. Branding splash pages and banners to all the most popular TE's, Safelists and paid to click sites, this free tool creates referrals in a single click. Insert your video in your personalized video splash page and invite surfers to Brand Me Tool, where they can build massive downlines in all their favorite free marketing resources.

The banners for each of those exchanges will have your picture in them. Also the splash pages will have your picture and your testimonial as well. You simply go in, add your affiliate id and your testimonial for the splash page, then check the box for "banner" and or "splash page". Then both rotators will show your branded tools to promote YOUR resources better than any tool you've ever seen. Furthermore, because Brand Me Tool is SO simple and technologically advanced, it's rotators fit right into almost any TE or Safelist.

I have to say, when I found this tool, I realized it was a better and simpler downline builder than Click Track Profit, TEProfits, Affiliate Funnel or even Traffic Hoopla. I am looking forward to promoting Brand Me Tool everywhere. It's FREE, it's fun and it's quick. One feature Marcus Wahl is so proud of, is the one click sign up in the downline builder. This will allow us to build downlines faster than any other system to out there to date.

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